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About Us - Our Home Introduction

“Persatuan Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat” (PPKKCKS) is a happy multi-racial home with children of ages ranging from 3 months to 26. PPKKCKS is currently taking care of over 80 handicapped children with disabilities such as Down’s Syndrome, Autism, Blindness, Deafness, Muteness, Mental retardation  and others.

Our home is equipped with a live-in teacher who educates, trains and grooms the children to enable them to live an independent lifes and to contribute to the society in the future.

We have also employed full time staff to look after and help the children in their daily activities like feeding, cleaning and bathing.

Two voluntary occupational therapists from the General Hospital would visit our home twice a week to conduct therapy sessions for the children.

We have thirty children who are sent to special schools around Klang and Petaling Jaya where they are taught basic reading and writing skills. They are also given the opportunity to interact with other disabled children and develop their interpersonal and socialization skills.

However, children with more severe disabilities who cannot attend special training school will stay at home where they are looking after by teachers. The children are also taught some basic living skills such as bathing, putting on their own clothes, brushing their teeth and eating on their own. In later years, these self-help skills will enable them to be more independent and also enable them to look after each other.

The children are very close to each and very loving. Often they can be seen hugging or holding hands with each other. Life for them is simple and it does not take much to make them happy.

Each day the children will be allocated play time, which gives them plenty of opportunity to express themselves physically.
They love visitor who spend time talking to them and playing with them. They also love going to theme parks and other places where they can play and have fun.

We are now occupying a rented double storey bungalow house located in Port Klang. Rental of our home is RM2,100.00 per month. We aspire to give love & care for these special children with the hope that they will grow up with the right values in life and with love in their hearts.

In conclusion, we wish to thank you for your unending support, kind words and deeds.


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